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DES Elektrik Tic. ve San. Ltd. Şti.

About Us

Since its establishment in 2009, DES electricity has aimed to bring dynamism, power and an innovative perspective to its sector. Our company is located in the Prysmian Group A Team dealership, which is the leading cable brand in our country, and erse cable dealership in weak current. With these brands, it has achieved sustainable growth by being among the strong suppliers of the market.

Our company is located in Prysmian Group A Team Dealer, which is the leading cable brand of our country, and Erse Kablo Dealer in weak current.

Owned since its inception in the light of sectoral knowledge and experience so far, many shopping centers, housing, residences, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, sports complexes and industrial facilities have been involved as a solution partner in projects such as these structures of electrical infrastructures, products and equipment with After-Sales Support Services.

DES Elektrik was awarded the Prysmian brand first prize in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Turkey and Istanbul region.

Our dealership certificate


DES Electric has a vision to become a leading supplier to the cable industry and to make it permanent. By supplying quality products at an affordable price in Turkey and the international market, it increases its portfolio of customers and business partners.


DES Electric has a mission of sustainability and continuity while providing quality with the right product, the right application and the right pricing. It has chosen to grow with the value it gives to the companies it serves, the brands it franchises, the community to which all these services will reach, and to its own employees.

Together with the power of innovation and dynamism, we work to make life easier and safer with our knowledge, innovative solutions and our desire to achieve better.


  •  Our greatest value as DES Electric is our employees, customers and business partners.
  •  Prysmian A Team…
  • Erse Cable Dealership…



Thank you in advance for getting to know our company. As DES Electric, we have aimed to bring dynamism, power and an innovative perspective in our sector since its establishment in 2009 and I am proud to say that we are the leading cable supplier in our country. I attribute the secret of our success to our company culture, which we have created since 2009.


In order to respond to the growing needs of rapidly growing and urbanized Turkey, we have made it a principle to increase the customer satisfaction level of the electricity sector with fast service.

Our company provides quality services to Turkey and the world by establishing our e-commerce site in 2019 in order to deliver the Prysmian brand to the entire electricity market by directing technological investments and service quality in the sector.

DES Electric has a mission of sustainability and continuity while providing quality with the right product, the right application and the right pricing.

We are always working for the best in light of the principles of professional team, strong stock and fast delivery on the road to growth.

Deniz Tarkan KARSLI

General Manager


Des Elektrik 

Founded in 2009 at the PERPA Trade Center.
Acquired erse cable dealership in 2010
Acquired Prysmian Cable a team dealership in 2016.
Moved to its new office in Perpa in October 2017.
• Prysmian Turkey endorsement winner of 2017
• Prysmian Istanbul Regional endorsement winner of 2017
• Turkey first in real growth in 2017

• Prysmian Turkey endorsement winner of 2018
• Prysmian Istanbul Regional endorsement winner of 2018

Started e-commerce by establishing online sales site in 2019.
In 2019, celebrated the tenth anniversary of the DES Electric Company.
• Prysmian Turkey endorsement winner of 2019
• Prysmian Istanbul Regional endorsement winner of 2019



DES Electric displays attitudes and behaviors in accordance with the principles of commercial ethics in all its activities and relations with its customers and business partners, the society and employees with whom it has business relations at home and abroad. It has a duty to strive for the widespread adoption of all these principles.

Our Code of business ethics is honesty, confidentiality, avoidance of conflict of interest, responsibility awareness. Integrity and honesty are our priority values in all our business processes and relationships.


We act with integrity and integrity in our relationships with employees and all stakeholders. In addition to our legal responsibilities, we take care to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers and business partners, colleagues, suppliers and business partners, competitors, society and humanity.


At DES Electric, the management approach responsibility and transparency are taken as the main topics. In this context, our own values are humility, respect for people, closeness to the public, social responsibility to realize corporate governance. Accordingly, we prefer to use the best technologies with a dynamic and powerful team to create lasting advantages in the market.

DES electric manages possible deviations from strategic and financial objectives in accordance with the community’s risk-taking attitude by using corporate risk management principles to maximize the value it creates to its stakeholders and ensure its sustainability.

DES Electric has a management approach that encourages participation and common mind in Decision Processes. Managing our business perfectly and planning our future in a way that ensures long-term advantages is the main goal of our management approach.



As DES Electric;

  • We work with a proactive approach that is focused on customer and business partnership satisfaction and responds to the needs and demands of our customers and business partners in the shortest time and in the most correct way.
  • We provide our services on time and under promised conditions and we treat our customers and business partners with respect, dignity, fairness, equality and courtesy.
  • We ensure that employees ‘ personal rights are fully and correctly exercised.
  • We approach employees honestly and fairly and undertake a safe and healthy working environment that is not discriminatory.
  • We make the necessary effort for the individual development of our employees, support them to be willing to participate in appropriate social and social activities with the awareness of Social Responsibility, and keep an eye on the balance between business life and private life.
  • We act fairly and respectfully in our commercial relations and take due care to fulfill our obligations on time. We expect the same sensitivity from our customers and business partners.
  • We carefully protect the confidential information of our employees, customers and business partners.
  • Our customers and business partners and other stakeholders rely on us through our professional competence and honesty. We try to keep that reputation at the highest level.
Knowledge is speed!
Des Elektrik, which carries out all its operations from its head office in Perpa, responds to the needs of its solution partners and the developments in the sector, with its expert staff in the light of the principle of "the right science and equipment for fast service".
Stock Gives Power!
Des Elektrik, wide and very varied range of products in stock are located in Ikitelli storage and shipment of Turkey's four corners are made here.
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