“Compliance with technological steps from Des Elektrik; Our article on “E-commerce (Online cable trade)” was published in the magazine Elektrik Dünyası.

Turkey’s use of advanced cable industry continues unabated demand every day. With the increase in investments compared to previous years, the existence of mega projects has led to an increase in cable supply. Apart from eliminating the cable supply, the main goal is to provide quality and cheap products. We can say that some cable brands have stood out in the electricity market in the world and in our country in the historical process. Sales and marketing strategies come to the fore in the electricity market, where cable brands compete. It is generally accepted that the companies that create the cable supply prefer the companies that make the best strategy.

Since its establishment in 2009, DES Elektrik has aimed to keep up with the market conditions and to meet the needs of the market. DES Elektrik is a PRYSMIAN team dealer in energy cables and ERSE A in low current. In the light of its sectoral knowledge and experience, it has been a solution partner in many projects such as shopping malls, residences, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, sports complexes and industrial facilities, and after sales support with the electrical infrastructures, products and equipment of these structures provided its services. Turkey’s fast-growing and urbanizing working principle for acquiring needed stocked with fast service to respond to the expanding needs of the electricity sector has raised the bar for customer satisfaction. DES Electrical Prysmian brand in 2017 and in 2018 was awarded the first prize in Istanbul, Turkey and turnover. This growth continued in 2019, and it is in an effort to achieve this growth target in 2020. DES Elektrik continues to serve not only in the country but also in the global market.

It has established an online sales site in order to survive in the market conditions that are developing and getting harder every year in the sector, to increase its sales volume and to highlight its corporate identity. With the widespread use of advanced technology and the internet, the possibility of reaching the other end of the world with a single click, sales and advertising strategies have also been revised. In the new technological world, the name of commerce has been e-commerce.

E-commerce is the concept of online commerce that emerged with the increase of internet usage all over the world after 1995. E-commerce is a shopping method that allows you to trade or order on a website with various payment methods for any product or service. Turkey and traditional marketing methods and sales activities to e-commerce also add that organizations in the world, just go beyond selling a particular location and point processes have begun to include e-commerce.

Global retail e-commerce volume reached 1.6 trillion dollars as of 2016. While developing countries accounted for 32% of the volume in 2011, today this rate has reached 59%. In 2020, 64% of the total volume is expected to be created by developing countries.

E-commerce As the world continues to grow rapidly in Turkey. Retail e-commerce volume, which grew by an average of 34% between 2013 and 2016, reached a volume of 17.5 billion TL according to the study prepared by TÜSİAD as of 2016.

E-commerce is a very suitable form of commerce, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. E-commerce allows to increase sales by going beyond a certain point of sale and to get faster payments. E-commerce is an important sales channel for businesses that own physical stores.

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