The selection of the human resources required by our company is made by considering the principle of equal opportunity among the people with high development potential, knowledge and skills of the business, and adopting and maintaining company values. Our human resources are our main element providing competitive advantage.

If you think you can add value to our company with the education you have received, the experiences you have made before and your vision, please send your resume to the e-mail below.

  • Professional Team

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Our company, based on its goals and principles, takes care to place the right candidates in the right position. Des electric competencies constitute one of the criteria that we place the most importance on in our recruitment processes.


  •  Direction Determination
  • Teamwork
  •  Communication
  •  Collaboration Development
  • Result Focus
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  •  Improve yourself and colleagues
  •  Adapt and manage differences
  •  Customer Sensitivity


In here , our goal is to ensure that people are placed in a position appropriate to their qualifications by questioning their knowledge, skills and competencies.

Director of sales and marketing

At Des Electric, founded in 2009 at Perpa Trade Center, I started working as sales and Marketing Manager in 2015 . I am very happy to be a part of the establishment of the DES family’s corporate culture on this path. I am proud to be an exemplary practitioner of corporate governance and ethical values and to have made a first in our country with our goals and our expert staff.

Bid and Purchase Manager

I have been living as a member of the DES family for over 9 years. In the process DES Electric has been literally a school for me in my personal development. Because the company’s social and commercial structure is strong, it offers us a quality business environment. I aim to contribute to the success of my company by continuing my career in DES Electric..

Hüseyin Güneş
Warehouse and logistics manager

I’m so happy to be a member of the DES family since it was founded. We hope to be a partner in many more successes of our company, which is growing day by day with the value it gives to its employees and customers. Thank you, DES electric.

Bid and purchase specialist

The DES Electric Family, which I joined towards the end of 2017, has been a new experience for me. The fact that our company always aims for the best in the sectors it serves is the number one factor in the development of my personal career. I am honored to be part of the DES electric family, with whom I have had many successes over the past 3 years. I hope our successes continue exponentially.

Gözde OKUR
Assistant Manager

I’m so happy to be a member of the DES family. DES Electric is the beginning of my career and I see it as a great opportunity to develop myself. Thank you, des family.

Sales and Marketing Specialist

DES Electric is a new sector in my career for me. I’m happy to be in this business at DES Electric. I want to be part of the DES family and bring a new perspective. In that sense, I am honored to work for DES electric.

Corporate Communications and Marketing Specialist

In 2017, I joined our growing company as an executive assistant. It’s been an extraordinary opportunity for me to get such a start to my career. With the necessity of growth, we created the Corporate Communication and marketing department in our company. I want to continue the successes we have had in the past by folding in my new position.

Ordering and Planning Specialist

I spent the last 3 years of my career in the DES Electric Family. This process gave me the opportunity to develop myself in a very different sector than my previous business life. A lot of the success I’ve had has been a motivator to me. With this high motivation, which is the secret of innovation and success, we have more successes ahead of us.

Accounting Department Specialist

I am very happy to be a member of the DES family for 5 years. Many years of success with our company, which continues to grow and develop by providing a quality working environment…

Finance Department Specialist

I have been continuing my career at DES Elektrik in the finance department since 2015. I am proud of the successes I have had with this family.

Sales Manager

I have been working as a Sales Manager at the company headquarters in Istanbul since 2015.
Since I started working, I have had the opportunity to actively participate in achieving the goals of our company, to express our ideas and to develop myself through the responsibilities given to me by my company in various tasks. At the same time, while achieving our goals, the motivation and social opportunities that our managers have given to employees provide the feeling that they are part of the team. The constant innovations that our company has made and the sharing of ideas while making decisions about these innovations cause us to increase our self-confidence even more.
I think it’s a privilege to work at my firm, which has always grown and remains true to its principles. I know that in this growing structure I will add even more values to my company and myself and I am proud to be in this family.

Warehouse Manager

I’ve been working under the roof of DES Electric for 10 years. We have crowned our achievements with our awards as a firm that values its employees, its customers and always works to go further. Many successes together.

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