Deniz Tarkan KARSLI: ‘We Always Work For The Best In The Light Of Professional Team, Strong Stock And Fast Delivery Principles On The Way Of Growth’

Deniz Tarkan KARSLI: ‘We are always working for the best in light of the principles of professional team, strong stock and fast delivery on the road to growth’

General manager Des Elektrik Deniz Tarkan Karslı gave an interview to the Elektirik Dünyası Dergisi.  The full interview is given below.

When and how did your company start commercial activities? What would you like to say about your activity?

DES Elektrik has aimed to bring dynamism, power and an innovative perspective to its sector since its establishment in 2009. In the light of its sectoral knowledge and experience, many shopping malls, housing, residences, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, sports

it has taken part as a solution partner in projects such as complex and industrial facilities and provided the infrastructure, products and equipment of these structures and after-sales DES tek services. In order to respond to the expanding needs of rapidly growing and urbanized Turkey, it has adopted the principle of working with stock that is needed and has raised the level of customer satisfaction of the electricity sector with its fast service. DES Electric continues to offer the quality of its leading brands, each of which is specialized in its own field, not only at home but also in the global market.

As far as I know, your company is a dealership of the leading manufacturers of our industry. Can you tell us briefly about your franchises?

Since 2009, we have grown and developed ERSE dealership in 2010 and Prysmian a team dealership in 2016 and we have provided service by increasing the availability of high quality and stock cable sales in the market. To Prysmian dealership in January 2016 we started. Turkey sales and Marmara region sales our victories have been going on for the last 2 years and we will continue our journey without stopping. We have supported and continue to support the Prysmian cable availability and market leadership adventure by collaborating with 9 different cable sales companies on the sub-dealer project launched by the PRYSMIAN Group in 2018.

Do you get enough support from the manufacturers when you encounter any problems with the products you sell?

PRYSMIAN and ERSE are the most successful companies in the sector with the highest quality production area, so if we encounter any problems, we can improve service quality and continue on our way successfully. Since we provide project-based services, after-sales support services aim to provide a serious solution with both the In-House staff and the personnel of the manufacturer.

What would you like to say about your company’s short and long term goals?

As DES Elektrik, we provide quality services to Turkey and the world by establishing our e-commerce site to deliver the Prysmian brand to the entire electricity market by directing technological investments and service quality in the sector. DES Elektrik has a mission of sustainability and continuity while providing quality with the right product, the right application and the right pricing. It has chosen to grow with the value it gives to the companies it serves, the brands it distributes, the community to which all these services will reach, and to its own employees. We are always working for the best in light of the principles of professional team, strong stock and fast delivery on this growth path.

How was 2019? What are your expectations for 2020?

The year 2019 continued with the contraction of 2018, both financial and project-based in the sector, but we as DES Electric have had a successful year even in these circumstances. We will continue our investments in 2020 by taking the example of sustainable success.

Why do you care about the e-commerce site?

The importance of the digital environment, which is advantageous for both consumers and sellers, is increasing every day. The biggest advantage that e commerce provides to companies is that they can be reached 24/7, which is especially the ideal way for companies to reach a larger audience in a much shorter period of time. This is also a great benefit for consumers. At any time, consumers can visit and shop at the virtual store on the internet. Therefore, they can always achieve their supply in an accessible and sustainable way. This is a very important detail nowadays.

We Always Work For The Best In The Light Of Professional Team, Strong Stock And Fast Delivery Principles On The Way Of Growth

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