Prysmian Group is a worldwide leader in the cable sector, Prysmian Turkey Turkish operations, for the first time this year due to the Covidien-19 virus was performed in August, as Reseller Awards ceremony online.

Prysmian Kablo’s CEO Cinzia Farisè, Domestic Sales Director Etem Bakaç and their managers as well as dealer managers attended the online award ceremony. At the award ceremony, which started with the speech of Cinzia Farisè, CEO of Prysmian Kablo, Domestic Sales Director Etem Bakaç announced the awarded dealers. While evaluating the year 2020, expectations for 2021 were also shared.

After the evaluations, mutual opinions and suggestions were discussed and the awards found their owners.

The worldwide leader in the cable industry Pysmi Cable Turkey, the Most High Turkey and Istanbul Regional Championship Revenue Revenue 2019 First prize took DES electricity. The first prize was presented to the General Manager of DES Elektrik, Deniz Tarkan Karslı, who participated in the online ceremony. At the ceremony, DES Elektrik Company General Manager Deniz Tarkan Karslı said, “The secret of this success for the last 3 years is the corporate culture of DES Elektrik and the management understanding that it wants to make permanent in the sector. In order to be the continuation and pioneer of this success in 2020, DES Elektrik works with the power of innovation and dynamism with all its personnel. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to receiving the award. ” said.

DES Electric, 2017 and again in 2019, then became the owner of the 2018 First prize Revenue 3.kez Turkey and Istanbul.

Des Elektrik Ailesi

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