Turk Prysmian Cable which is the worldwide leader in the energy and telecommunications cables sector in Turkey operation, held the traditional ‘authorized dealers ‘ meeting of 2019 in Şanlıurfa and Mardin between October 3-6. The cables of Göbeklitepe, a UNESCO World Heritage site, were supplied by DES Elektrik, one of the Turkish Prysmian cable dealers.

Together with Göbeklitepe, a meeting was held as part of the event where many tourist spots were visited in Şanlıurfa and Mardin. In The event was hosted by Cinzia Farisè, the new CEO of Turk Prysmian cable, and Etem Bakaç, the director of domestic sales, was evaluated 2019 while was shared 2020 expectations.

“We will continue to lead the cable industry”

Cinzia Farisè,who pointed out that Turk Prysmian kabla attended the traditional authorized vendors ‘ meeting for the first time, said: “I knew that Turkey was a beautiful country, but it was a different feeling to see and experience the impressive beauty of thousands of years of history. At this event, we shared a lot of enjoyable moments with our A-Team authorized dealers and stored energy as well as we talked about the past period and the expectations of the coming year.” Farisè, who said that with the innovative power of Turkish Prysmian cable and the vision that leads the sector, they have taken firm steps to their goals this year, said that they aim to sign more beautiful projects together for 2020. Etem Bakaç, director of domestic sales, said, ” Türk Prysmian Cable takes its power from our valuable business partners like you. Our company, which always aims for the best, makes a difference with its innovative solutions and has signed the largest and most prestigious projects in its field with its mission of ‘We Connect Turkey to the future’, will move forward with firm steps to its targets in 2020., ”  At the meeting where mutual opinions were exchanged, also were given the highest Turkish turnover Award and Istanbul Regional turnover awards. DES Electric from Istanbul region embraced the award.

“They delighted the students of a primary school in Sanliurfa, Viranshehir”

Within the scope of the authorized dealers meeting, 258 students of Upper Sarpin Primary School in the Viranşehir District of Sanliurfa were happy with the Corporate Social Responsibility project realized by Turk Prysmian Cable. Turk Prysmian Cable, in addition to meeting the individual needs of all students in the school, also addressed a number of deficiencies of the school. On Friday October 04 visiting the school, which was a surprise for all the participants, all the participants met with the children and had the opportunity to present their presents one-on-one.

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