Prysmian Cable, the global leader in the energy and telecommunications cables sector, the Prysmian Group’s Turkish operation, its annual Authorized Dealer Meeting of 2018 held in Belgrade, Serbia from October 4-7, 2018. Erkan Aydoğdu, CEO of Prysmian Cable and Etem Bakaç, Director of Domestic Sales, hosted the event, which took place with the participation of about 90 people.

‘‘We have full confidence in the dynamics and potential of our country”

At the meeting which is held at Belgrade’s famous Beli Dvor Palace, 2018 is discussed and exchanged views on 2019. At the award ceremony after the meeting, DES Elektrik from Istanbul region won the highest Turnover Turkey Award in 2017, Istanbul region Award winner and Turkey Award winner in real growth this year.

Prysmian Cable officials, who continue to take strong steps with the innovative approach that pioneered the industry, also shared information about the acquisition of General Cable, which Prysmian Group has acquired worldwide, with its authorized dealers. Following the meeting on Friday October 5th, a tour of Belgrade’s historical and cultural landmarks, Prysmian Cable CEO Erkan Aydoğdu said, “We are having a more difficult year than we have ever seen before. These difficulties and crisis may continue for a while longer. But our confidence in the dynamics and potential of our country has always been full. During this process, we continue on our way in a calm and completely focused manner without leaving any precautions.”

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